Mayor's Office


Welcome to the City of Jonesboro! We’re glad you are here! Since 1859, Jonesboro has been welcoming people from all over the world to become a part of our community and call Jonesboro their home.

Long the center of agriculture in the region, Jonesboro is also the area’s anchor point for industry, medicine, and education. Award-winning schools, diverse manufacturing, expansive medical care, and a stable foundation for farming all come together to provide a city like no other in Arkansas.

The City Administration is dedicated to customer service. It is the only thing we do. From trash collection and street maintenance to Police, Fire, and Emergency Services, City staff are on the job 24/7, providing service to the residents and visitors of our great city.

Thank you for visiting. I know if you spend a little time here, you will come to know why we love to call Jonesboro—“Home”. 

-Mayor Harold Perrin

In the City of Jonesboro, the Mayor has several duties. Chief among these is the responsibility to manage the everyday activities of the City Administration. In a very real sense, the Mayor is the ‘CEO’ of the City. He keeps the City financially secure, makes sure essential city services are maintained, and is always working to provide for the future. Along with the top-level management, the Mayor is responsible for ensuring the policies and directions of the City Council are implemented.

The Mayor is also the presiding officer of the City Council. The Mayor manages the City Council agenda, and presides over its meetings.

In addition to all his other duties, the Mayor is also our ambassador. He is our head cheerleader, and our representative to the world. He spends time working with other officials at the State and Federal level, representing the needs of Jonesboro and working to garner support for the City’s programs.