City Clerk

Legistar Instructions

We use the software application called Legistar to manage the legislative process for the City of Jonesboro. There are instructions on how to use Legistar to help navigate the process.

Duties of the City Clerk

The Office of City Clerk is an elected position with duties prescribed by the Arkansas State Constitution (PDF) through various legislative acts of the Arkansas General Assembly.

City Clerks of cities of the first class, having the mayor-council form of government, are elected for 4 year terms.

A few of the duties prescribed by state law are as follows:
  • A.C.A. §14-43-506 stipulates that the city clerk “shall have custody of all the laws and ordinances of the city, and shall maintain a correct journal of the proceedings of the city council.”
  • A.C.A. §14-43-406 requires the city clerk to maintain the official seal of the city to be affixed to all transcripts, orders, and certificates for the purpose of authenticating city documents.
  • A.C.A. §14-54-302 executes the purchase, lease and sale of property, in conjunction with the mayor, when authorized by resolution by a majority vote of the City Council.
  • The City Clerk receives, files and retains the Code of Ethics and Financial Disclosure Statements from appointed municipal commissioners and elected officials, including the mayor, aldermen, clerk, treasurer, city attorney, and municipal judge.
  • A.C.A. §14-42-106 Arkansas City Clerks and Recorders were granted authority to administer oaths of office with the passage of Act 138 of 2017.

The clerk’s supportive duties to citizens and the City Council comprise the office’s most important set of responsibilities. It is the clerk who is the contact between the citizens and the government, and the establishment of a clear and lasting record of the governing body’s actions will be as important today as it will be in the future.

Election History & Terms

In cities with population over 50,000 people, the elections are in November every 4 years.  The first election was in 1968 and elections are held every 4 years thereafter, e.g. 1996, 2000, 2004. The term of office commences January 1 following the November election.