Public Service

Public Service funds are available to not for profit 501 (c)(3) organizations  serving extremely low, very low, and low to moderate income residents, OR that serve those populations that are presumed to be low income such as those with special needs, persons with disabilities, homeless persons, and/or the elderly.

To utilize CDBG Public Service funds, the service must be either:

A new service; or 

A quantifiable increase in the level of an existing service which has been provided by the grantee or another entity on its behalf through State or local government funds in the 12 months preceding the submission of the grantee's Consolidated Plan Annual Action Plan to HUD. 

The next round of grants will be for the FY 2017, which runs from 7.1.2017 to 6.30.2018. 

All applicants must attend the mandatory workshop(s) scheduled annually prior to the application process. 

For questions, please call Mari Jordan at 870.336.7198 or email at