Economic Development

Eligible activities including Economic Development project(s) may be funded through CDBG funds. 

CDBG  may assist qualified non-profit organization, Community Based Development Organization (CBDO), and/or private for-profit to undertake economic opportunities and/or job creation activities that benefit underserved area or LMI individuals. All entities requesting for proposal must be able to generate economic development by creating and retaining jobs for low and moderate income individuals. 

Economic development project(s) must meet the Low and Moderate Income (LMI) Benefit National Objective as below:

Economic activities that benefit an LMI area may qualify under the Area Benefit of the national objective (i.e., a grocery store funded in a neighborhood that is at least 51% LMI). 

Additionally, the LMI Limited Clientele category may be used to qualify certain economic development activities (i.e., microenterprise activities may be undertaken if the owner of the business is LMI per income confirmation or job training and placement or other employment support services may qualify under Limited Clientele if at least 51% of the individuals benefiting from the activity are LMI).

Job Creation or Retention activity qualifies as Limited Clientele and it must be available to or held by at least 51% LMI persons.