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E. Boone Watson Community Center

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Visits are by appointment only by calling the Parks and Recreation Department at 870-933-4604.
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History of the Center

The current site of the E. Boone Watson Center looks over the site of the former Industrial High School, constructed in 1924 by the community under the leadership of prinicipal D. W. Hughes. The original building was constructed of bricks from an abandoned city auditorium. In 1935, the name was changed to Booker T. Washington High School and was used as a school for the black community until 1948. In 1966, the school was moved and the Patrick Street Community Center was constructed on the site of the old high school. On September 4th, 1984, the Community Center was renamed the E. Boone Watson Center in honor of Mrs. E. Boone Watson, a prominent educator and a driving force in the community for the advancement of education in and around the Jonesboro area. Mrs. Watson served as a teacher in the Jonesboro Public School System for more than 40 years teaching at Booker T. Washington School. Mrs. Watson took a major role in the development of the Head Start Program in Jonesboro and she is recognized for her outstanding leadership and civic contributions to the betterment of community life.

The Craighead County-Jonesboro African American Cultural Center

Located inside the E. Boone Watson Center, the purpose of A.A.C.C. is to share the spirit and history of Craighead County's African American community, including their struggles and successes, as well as their dreams for their children and grandchildren as they attempted to cope with an ever-changing society and the stresses that society imposed. 

About E. Boone Watson

Edomae Boone Watson (1907-1986) was a civic and education leader in Craighead County. Watson had served in state and national organizations to provide educational opportunities for low-income children. To this day, Watson is honored for her outstanding leadership, direction, and contribution in the provision of human services. Watson's legacy would be remembered by the A.A.C.C., which had been the original foundation for the Industrial High School, one of the schools Watson had originally taught at.