Fares & Passes

Fixed Route Service
Students (over 18)$0.90
Senior Citizens
Disabled Citizens
Youth (Ages 6 to 18)$0.60

JET Fare Policy

  • All fares are based on the price of a one-way trip.
  • All JET passengers must have a destination which they provide to the driver.
  • Paying the fare entitles the passenger to:
    • Ride one loop on that route
    • Transfer to another JET Fixed Route bus for passage to his/her destination.
  • A passenger wishing to remain on the bus past the stop where they originally boarded must pay an additional one-way fare.
  • If a passenger qualifies for a discounted fare (Senior Adult, ADA Disability, or Student), they must request the special fare and present appropriate documentation when boarding.
  • All fares should be paid with correct change or a pre-paid JET pass. JET drivers can only present a "change card" for credit if over-payment occurs, regardless of how large the bill is that is presented for payment.

Pass Prices

1 Day
7 Day
31 Day

*Youth Summer Passes (for ages 6 to 18) are also available for $10. These passes are only valid during our summer fare promotional period, between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Passes can be purchased at the Collections Office located in the Municipal Center at 300 S. Church Street.