What policies govern the acquisition of properties into the land bank inventory?
  • Proposal and request by nonprofits that identify specific properties for acquisition.
  • Properties that are subject to a City lien and can be foreclosed on by the City.
  • Proposals and request by government entities.
  • Proposals and request by private developers.
  • Input from citizens and neighborhoods.
  • Properties that are considered vacant and abandoned.
  • Properties that are delinquent on their ad-valorem real property taxes.
  • Properties that are environmentally contaminated and have secured funds for cleanup.
  • Properties that are available through donation by a private owner.
  • Properties that are bank foreclosed.
  • Properties that will allow for the creation of additional greenspace.
  • Improved properties that are the subject to an existing order for demolition.
  • Non-conforming, undevelopable vacant properties.
  • Properties that would form a part of a contiguous or scattered land assemblage development plan.
  • Properties that will result in planned development that benefits the community. 

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1. What is a land bank?
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4. What policies govern the acquisition of properties into the land bank inventory?
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7. How does the land bank acquire property for the land bank inventory?
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