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Allen Park Community Center

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  1. Basketball/Volleyball Court
  2. Community Room
  3. Kitchen

About Allen Park Community Center:
Located just a few blocks away from Nettleton High School, Allen Park Community Center is the perfect spot for playing basketball and volleyball! Anyone and everyone is welcomed to using the services provided, with suitable operating hours for after school activities and practice. On top of that, Allen Park Community Center also provides a kitchen, and an additional, spacious room for any other events!

Check out our reservation rates below! For any further questions, or reservations, feel free to contact us! 

Reservation Rates:

Entire Facility ($600/day)

 Community Room ($40/hr) 

  • After hours: additional $20/hr

Kitchen ($20/event)

Basketball Court ($40/hr) 

Basketball Team Practice Rate ($20)

  • After Hours (Additional $20/hr)